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Use your Acupressure mat for 20 minutes a day to feel complete pain relief and relaxation. It can be used on any sturdy surface and is easily portable. Our mat will help increase your energy and feel more relaxed at the same time. As you get used to the sensation you can stand on your mat, lie on your stomach, or roll it up to use for your neck’s pressure points. target specific problem areas of your and promote total body relaxation and feel healthy all over.

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Therapeutic Manual Massage Mat for your body to make it more relaxed and stress free because your body needs it.

Stimulating effect of acupressure mat helps your body relax and it increases the blood flow in entire body. Acupressure mat stimulates the acupressure points as per chinese tradition medicine which helps you overcome hurdles of tension, insomnia, neck pain, back pain and other issues associated with poor blood circulation.

20 minutes of relaxation


1. Acupressure Mat and Pillow relieves stress, aches, pains and muscle tension, Neck Pain Relief and Increases Blood Circulation 
2. Helps with back pain, tension, stiffness, insomnia, fatigue and many other conditions 
3. Stimulates points per Chinese traditional medicine and activates the body’s own production of two substances, helps to relax. 

How to Use it​

  1. Mat and pillow can be used in any manner.
  2. Mat can be used on your sofa, on your bed, chair or simply on floor.
  3. It may be uncomfortable to you initially to use it, but within a week you will start getting used to it.
  4. it has a number of spikes to keep your body relaxed and stress free. it helps increase blood flow towards your back area or around neck to make you relaxed.
  5. For best results, use it for at least 20 minutes daily.

Stress free usage

Why Acupressure mat?

As per report in American news channel CBS, at a given time 30 million americans suffer from backpain. Backpain is a big issue and our chiropractic spiky mat helps to make your back stress free by increasing the blood flow. This mat stimulates acupressure point of your body and helps release the stress and increase the blood flow which helps your body around back and neck.

check out the video in right section to know more about the use of mat in helping you sleep better.


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