Thailand Pure Natural Latex Orthopedic Pillow

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This Orthopedic Pillow is made of Natural latex sourced from Thailand. It is Contoured, Ergonomically Designed Pillow with multiple raised points. It is ideal for people who like high pillow since it has high side of 12 CM and low side of  10CM. It follows the natural curve of your body, properly supporting your head, neck, and shoulders when you sleep on your back or side. This pillow provides a therapeutic experience which helps neck and shoulder muscles relax but stay supported. This pillow is comfortable, breathable, soft and made of natural latex which is really soft.

This ergonomically designed pillow’s dimension is 60×40 CM. This Pillow is made of Natural Latex sourced from Thailand.

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An orthopedic pillow made of Natural Latex sourced from Thailand to provide you a lovely sleep you always wanted. It is a contoured, ergonomically designed, orthopedic pillow which helps your spine and neck to align well. Have a comfortable sleep All Night!!

Enjoy a restful night’s sleep with this Sealy contour Latex Orthopedic bed pillow. The adaptable softness of pillow complies with the natural curves of your body, obliging your spinal arrangement to guarantee personal comfort while resting. This Sealy contour bed pillow has a removable cover made of blended cotton and dacron and can be safely put in a washing machine.

For a sleepy Night


Available in Six different variations 

  •  Natural Latex
It is Made of Premium organic natural latex derived from Thailand rubber trees. it is elastic, soft, durable and doesn’t deform. We ensure that only the highest quality materials are used in each pillow for the comfort and health of our customers. It is comfortable to your neck and body and is super elastic and soft.

  •  Ergonomically Designed Pillow: 

These pillows are well thought and designed to specially meet the need of the people those who don’t want to feel uncomfortable while sleeping. This pillow has an arch which rests your head and neck in such a manner that your whole body stay comfortable. it has multiple raised points to give your head a stable and comfortable headrest.

  •  Cover 

Pillow comes with a removable cover made of cotton and dacron which prevents the pillow from accumulating dirt, sweating and hairs. it can be removed and washed easily.

  •  Durable, Soft and Elastic

These pillows are designed with firmer base design. Consider it to stay well durable for a long time. It provides firm support at the same time is Soft and Elastic.

  •  Spacious Size 

This pillow has an overall dimension of 60×40x12x10 CM . These are specially designed with sufficient required size to keep arch supportable with a firmer support. These pillows are a good fit for your need and are comfortable.

How to Use it​

  1. There are two curved parts of the pillow: High side and low side part 
  2. User can use any side as per his/her comfort.
  3. It has a washable cover that can be separated and washed as per the use.

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Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 10 cm

Grid White + Mesh Lining, Latex Pillow + Mesh Lining, Rose White + Mesh Lining, Feather White + Mesh Lining, Cotton Grey + Mesh Lining, Bamboo Print + Mesh Lining

4 reviews for Thailand Pure Natural Latex Orthopedic Pillow

Based on 4 reviews
  1. Amy Coleman

    The pillow is as per description. it was in a vacuum packaging, when opened immediately took the bigger form. It is my first orthopedic pillow that too being a latex based so i don’t have anything to compare it to. But, the pillow is quite comfortable. So far as per my expectation from the description. Oh yeah, Initially there was some kind of strong smell that I didn’t notice after few days.

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    Image #1 from Amy Coleman
    Image #2 from Amy Coleman
    Image #3 from Amy Coleman
  2. Tucker Heins

    Please be cautious. This pillow is low at least for me. it is only around 9 cm. it had a sharp smell that took some time to fade away. I don’t like low pillow so I gave it to my kid. For, this much money, definitely my experience wasn’t that good. If you are someone who loves to sleep on low height pillow or your situation demands low height because of stiff neck, it could be definitely of use. Anyways, it is comfortable, soft as per description but height experiment didn’t go well for me.

  3. Jason Miller

    I want to say that i like this pillow. it is very comfortable pillow. Took some time to reach here in New York. Was folded into a roulette, when the packaging was opened instantly took shape. At first there was a smell, like a latex eraser, weathered in three days. The cover that i ordered did not really like-it seems that the fabric quickly formed spools. The pillow was very comfortable. I took it for the prevention of migraines and unease that i face when i sleep. I recommend the product and avokart.

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    Image #1 from Jason Miller
    Image #2 from Jason Miller
  4. Himanshu

    I love it

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