Memory Foam Orthopedic Super Pillow

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This Memory Foam Orthopedic Pillow is well-thought, Contoured, Ergonomically Designed Pillow. It follows the natural curve of your body, properly supporting your head, neck, and shoulders when you sleep on your back or side. Made with firmer Memory foam. This pillow provides a therapeutic experience which helps neck and shoulder muscles relax but stay supported. This pillow is comfortable, breathable, soft and made of memory foam.

This ergonomically designed pillow’s dimension is 50×30 CM. It is a Memory Foam Pillow made of Polyester Material.

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Enjoy a comfortable night's sleep with this contoured, Ergonomically designed, Orthopedic Super Pillow which helps your spine and neck to align well. Have a comfortable sleep All Night!!

Enjoy a restful night’s sleep with this Sealy contour Memory Foam Orthopedic bed Super pillow. The adaptable memory foam complies with the natural curves of your body, obliging your spinal arrangement to guarantee personal comfort while resting. This Sealy contour bed pillow has a removable cover made of blended polyester and spandex and can be safely put in a washing machine.

For a sleepy Night


Available in Four different colors 

  •  Memory Foam
Memory Foam Orthopedic Pillow is specially made of Memory foam with the material Polyester. It is comfortable to your neck and body.

  •  Ergonomically Designed Pillow: 

These pillows are well thought and designed to specially meet the need of the people those who don’t want to feel uncomfortable while sleeping. This pillow has an arch which rests your head and neck in such a manner that your whole body stay comfortable.

  •  Cover 

Pillow comes with a removable cover which prevents the pillow from accumulating dirt, sweating and broken hairs.

  •  Durable, Soft and Elastic

These pillows are designed with firm Memory foam. Consider it to stay well durable for a long time. It provides firm support at the same time is Soft and Elastic.

  •  Sufficient Size and not bulky

This pillow has an overall dimension of 50×30 CM . These are specially designed with sufficient required size to keep arch supportable with a firmer support. These pillows are absolutely not bulky to carry around.

How to Use it​

  1. There are two curved parts of the pillow: High side and low side part 
  2. User can use any side as per his/her comfort.
  3. It has a washable cover that can be separated and washed as per the use.

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  1. Bert Owellow

    I bought a pillow for my mother at her request. As the recipient notices, the pillow has a smell that is heavily weathered. Also, the pillow was bought to eliminate cervical pain after night sleep, and in the neck the pain really passed, but moved to the back area. Personally, i lay a little on the pillow, and it feels cool, soft, but i was uncomfortable because of the convex part under the neck. This pillow accurately speaking is for sleeping on the back, as it seems to me, and i was used to sleeping on my side and from the material of the pillowcase immediately began to scratch the ears. The mother did not have such complaints, so most likely, the comfort depends on the individuals. If you buy a pillow just because you in the morning feel hurt because of uncomfortable sleep, then still it is necessary first to consult a doctor to pick up the pillow for you (he certainly will not advise you the goods with all, but he may offer a couple of tips.). Anyways product is as per description. All the best!

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